Native Plants for Shade-Tolerant Gardens in Central Florida

Discover which native plants will be shade-tolerant in your area of Central Florida. Learn about Arisaema triphyllum (cat in the pulpit), Asclepias perennis (aquatic milkweed), Crinum americanum (swamp lily), Hydrocotyle umbellata (swamp centella), purple passion f

Native Plants for Shade-Tolerant Gardens in Central Florida

Arisaema triphyllum (cat in the pulpit), Asclepias perennis (aquatic milkweed), Crinum americanum (swamp lily), and Hydrocotyle umbellata (swamp centella) are some of the native plants that can thrive in shady gardens in Central Florida. If you're looking for low-maintenance plants that make your Florida landscape stunning, these are some of the best options. Sometimes, the best solution to shade difficulties is to turn the area into an improved outdoor garden room with seating, garden art, mulch, hard surfaces, a water fountain, a birdbath, or other focal points. Whenever possible, shade-tolerant plants can be grown in colorful containers where they don't have to compete with tree roots.

Leave the falling leaf litter and let these areas be covered automatically. The federal government has estimated that nearly 25 percent of North America's 20,000 native plant species are at risk of extinction, many of them due to habitat loss. Extending 300 miles south from the mainland, Central Florida begins in the temperate Southeast and ends in the subtropical Everglades and the Florida Keys. If you want to learn more about the benefits of native plants, your local Audubon Florida center can help. Five species of passionflower are native to Florida, including the popular and extremely striking purple passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) (pictured), which produces flowers with a beautiful stripe around its lavender petals and an interesting pattern in the center. This plant is especially good for North Florida and the coasts, as it is resistant to cold and salt. Yucca plants have sharp, blade-shaped leaves that are usually green or of varied colors, and they bloom with vertical clusters of white flowers in mid-summer or early fall.

This plant is beautiful in spring, when it's bright red, tubular flowers bloom, and in autumn, when the seed pods break to reveal bright red seeds (which are poisonous). Because they've lived here for hundreds of years or more, Florida's native plants grow well in the warm, humid climate of the Sunshine State without you paying much attention to them. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, keep in mind that height, flowering time, and color may differ in different climates. They displace and disrupt native plant communities, degrade wildlife habitat and water quality, and can cause greater soil erosion. Along with Florida's enviable subtropical climate comes a diverse selection of beautiful native plants that would look great in your landscape.

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