Discovering Native Plants in Central Florida

Discover native plants that thrive in Central Florida's climate and soil conditions. Learn about Beautyberry, Muhly Grass, Coontie, Southern Magnolia, Tick Flowers, Manta Flowers, Fire Bush Plants, Gumbo-Limbo Trees and Coreopsis.

Discovering Native Plants in Central Florida

Are you looking for native plants to add to your garden in Central Florida? You're in luck! There are many beautiful and unique native plants that thrive in the area. From Beautyberry and Muhly Grass to Coontie and Southern Magnolia, there are plenty of options to choose from. Tick flowers, the official wildflower of the Sunshine State, are a great choice for any garden. These tiny sundrops come in over 100 different species and cultivars, with most featuring bright yellow petals with a brown ring around the center.

They bloom in spring and summer, making them a great addition to any garden. Before you buy any plants, it's important to know your area's hardiness zone. The USDA has developed “plant hardiness zones” that represent the lowest annual temperatures in an area. The zones range from 1a (the coldest) to 13b (the hottest).

Central Florida falls into hardiness zones 8a-11a. We have included many native Florida plants on our plant pages; see the links to them at the bottom of this page. Manta flowers are a great choice for Central Florida gardens as they can tolerate heat, sandy soils, and high salt levels. Tick seeds are also native to Florida and bloom in spring and summer.

The lanceous manta flower is a similar species native to North and Central Florida, and it grows on a sprawling mound with bright summer colors such as orange, yellow, red and reddish violet. The fire bush plant is another great option for Central Florida gardens. These perennials produce thick clusters of light orange, tubular flowers that emerge in late spring and attract butterflies and other pollinators. In autumn, the seed pods break to reveal bright red seeds (which are poisonous).

Gumbo-limbo is a wind-tolerant tree native to South Florida and the Keys that can withstand frequent hurricanes in the area. Coreopsis, also known as the state's wildflowers, come in 12 different species that are native to Florida. Native plants are already well adapted to climate and soil conditions, so they generally have the ability to thrive without additional irrigation or fertilization. If you want to learn more about the benefits of native plants, your local Florida Audubon can help.

Tick seeds are easy to find almost anywhere in Florida, and once you have them growing in your garden, they will reseed themselves so that you don't have to plant them again.

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